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photo by Michael Hoy
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Two Roads Performance Projects, located in Medford, MA 

was founded by Wanda Strukus and Kyna Hamill to support the 

creation of public art, 

site-specific performance and environmentally based dance and theater.  Collectively, 

Kyna and Wanda have produced, created, and facilitated over 50 theater, dance and 

movement-based productions.

Check out this New Work by Two Roads' Co-Founder, Wanda Strukus.  

Come On Over EnsembleTheater presents the world premiere of THE SHEPHERDS' SINGULARITY, a collaboratively devised, physical theater driven, futuristic play-with-music featuring: Tales of hardship! Terrible weather! Time Travel! Technology-Gone-Awry! Talking Animals! Miracles! Angels! and Singularities!


The Technological Singularity is near, and the citizens of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania are terrified that they will become obsolete in the post-singularity era.  When a “technology expert” comes to calm their fears, he finds himself at the mercy of mysterious forces which send him on a journey through time and space, where he encounters medieval shepherds, super-intelligent sheep, an Angel, the uncanny valley, another town called Bethlehem, and the fear of being left behind.


The Shepherds’ Singularity

The Cambridge YMCA Theater

820 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA

December 3rd – December 13th 2015

Wednesday – Friday @ 8pm

Saturdays @ 2pm & 8pm

Sundays @ 2pm

$25/General and  $15/Students & Seniors





Directed by Wanda Strukus in collaboration with the ensemble


Music Composed and Directed by Nate Tucker for hammered dulcimer, banjo, guitar, flute, and harmonica


Devised and Performed By:

Matt Arnold

Doug Dulaney

Nicole Howard

Poornima Kirby

Christopher Martel

Nick Osborne

Caitlin Rose


Scenic Design by Bryant Cyr

Lighting Design by Allison Schneider

Puppetry and Mask design by Penny Benson

Dramaturgy by Theresa Lang

Wanda Strukus of TWO ROADS has been hard at work on a new devised piece called The Shepherds' Singularity

Just in time for the holidays. 

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